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Bring one-on-one nutrition coaching to your gym.

WAG Business Program: What is it?

The WAG Business Program is for business owners who want to offer nutrition coaching, without having to reinvent the wheel. Our proven system holds people accountable long term, not just for a weekend seminar or a 30-day challenge. As a WAG Business Program member, you’ll increase retention, client satisfaction and revenue, without adding an extra 40 hours a week to your already insanely full plate.

Sound like you? Here’s how it works…

  1. Apply

    They say the first step is always the hardest, but this one is relatively painless. Apply now to get the ball rolling.

  2. Coach Training

    Once you’ve been accepted into the program, we’ll start taking your or one of your coaches through the WAG Coach Certification – the exact same curriculum we use for all of our coaches. They’ll learn the ins and outs of nutrition, coaching and how to use our coaching software. They’ll also have a real trainer helping and providing feedback along the way. It’s like giving your coach their own digital mentorship!

  3. Marketing Material

    We’ll send you a comprehensive digital and in-person marketing and sales package, including over a year of emails and social media posts.

  4. Nutrition Coaching Software

    You’ll have the ability to coach your nutrition clients directly within our exclusive coaching software, Seismic.

  5. Support Throughout Your Journey

    Here’s what makes our program special: You’ll have a dedicated team to support you the whole way. From certifying your coach, to promoting the program to your members, to launch day and beyond, you’ll have unlimited access to coaching, technical and marketing support – including monthly mastermind calls with WAG's own Michael Cazayoux!

“This has totally transformed our business. We’ve been able to increase our prices, we have no push back, we’re getting way better results, our marketing is easier, our advertising costs have gone down, my ability to manage my coaches is tenfold and our business has a buzz to it because we’re able to make good on the promise on the front side that we can really transform your life.”

- John Swanson, owner of the Granite Games and Crossfit Fast Factory

Become a one-stop-fitness-shop.

We’ve all heard some version of “abs are made in the kitchen” — and as fitness professionals, we know it’s true. After interviewing 100+ gym owners, we know that you’re probably struggling to support your clients in their nutrition in a reliable, scalable way.

This program offers you the opportunity to truly become a one-stop-shop for your clients’ fitness needs rather than having to direct them to other companies for their nutrition.

More transformations. More profitability. Plain and simple.

With your sights set on progress, Working Against Gravity is here to help you with the following:

  • Giving you a scalable, proven nutrition system to get your members better results
  • Growing your business financially by expanding your offerings
  • Building loyalty with your current member-base
  • Inspiring new sign ups along the way (referrals)
  • Opening career paths for staff interested in nutrition coaching
  • Assisting in the acceleration – and preservation – of mind and body results

“My favorite thing about the program is watching our members learn, grow and tell their transformation stories. It’s an amazing feeling as a business owner. We work out for one hour a day, and the ability to support our members for the other 23 hours of the day has brought so much more value to our gym.”

- Brad, owner of CrossFit Due North

Invaluable coach training.

When you join the WAG Business Program, you and/or one of your coaches will go through the WAG Coach Certification Program.

This is a multi-phase course that includes nutrition basics and fundamentals, setting and changing macronutrient profiles and responding to sample check-ins. Throughout the course, we also discuss the art of coaching, including how to build a growth mindset, motivational interviewing and many other mindset related topics.

Participants receive feedback and support from one of WAG’s most experienced coaches during the entire process. The course takes 30 hours on average, which usually takes between 4-16 weeks to complete, and no nutrition background is required to complete it.

Graduates of the coach program will have the power to help your clients find the nutrition plan that they can actually stick to.

The proof is in the program.

WAG’s nutrition program has worked for over 21,000 gym go-ers — from the world’s elite competitors to your average Joes and Josephines.

The Business Program will help you give your clients support in their nutrition so they can reach their loftiest goals, without distracting you from your everyday professional commitments.

Here are a few of the transformations that have resulted from this nutrition program…

"I have lost 27 lbs and feel great in my clothes! My performance in the gym has gotten better, I am a regular person who just wants to feel good about myself and be strong and fit throughout life. I feel stronger in my 40's than I did in my 20's." Read More >

— Pepper D.

"WAG helped me tremendously to get my nutrition under control. It not only helped me transform my body and my energy level, it also helped me to find my path back to myself and to feel more secure with who and what I am." Read More >

— Sandra D.

"My coach has been so supportive and always has information and resources for me. The wealth and depth of knowledge within the WAG community is fantastic, the attitude of support and positivity and encouragement is wonderful." Read More >

— Sarah Sly

Here's how we acheive this... Meet Seismic.

Seismic is WAG’s digital hub for all things nutrition, hosting messages between you and your coach, progress photos, calendar touchstones and overall programming.

What Seismic Does:

  • Progress Tracking and Analysis

    Clients can log and monitor their progress over time using real data such as body weight, measurements, stress levels, energy, hunger and sleep.

  • Coach-Client Interaction

    Our Check-In feature makes it easy for clients to submit all of their weeks data in an easy-to-read format, speeding up the time it takes the coach to review. The messaging platform means that your clients can reach out for support at any time while keeping all of your conversations stored in one place.

  • MyFitnessPal Import and Auto-Sync

    One of the big barriers for a client is having to manually send data to their coach. Seismic removes the work by syncing their MyFitnessPal app to their Seismic account and loading the data for them! This makes the check-in process for the client simple and quick.

  • Progress photo

    Clients can upload up to 4 photos per check-in to help them and their coach monitor progress. It allows for side by side view and tracking how many weeks there is between each photo.

  • Calendar

    Important dates are often connected to nutrition goals – the calendar feature keeps the coach and client aware of upcoming events that might impact the clients nutrition plan.

Here's a demo on exactly how Seismic works.

“The ability to connect with other coaches and WAG staff when support is needed is phenomenal. It is allowing our coaches to get clients to their goals as effectively as possible.”

- Merissa, CrossFit Gym Owner

Business Program Pricing

Our goal is to help you make more of an impact in less time.

$1000 one time payment +$30 per client/month

The one time fee of $1000 gets you started with the coach training course and all of the marketing and sales materials.

After that, it’s $30/client/month + Stripe fees (comparable to credit card fees). So if you have zero clients you don't pay us a dime. If you have one you pay $30/month and if you have five you pay $150/month — you get it.

There are no other ongoing or hidden fees.

Getting 50 of your current members on the program could add $7,500 to your monthly revenue.

Add the increased lifetime value of your customer, as the result of improved client experience and greater transformation, and the question then becomes — can you afford not to do this?

By joining forces, more of your clients will benefit and see the results they are after. Period.

The WAG Business Program comes with...

WAG Certification Course
We sell this certification to the public for $999, but as a Business Program member it’s included in your total price!!

Our coaching platform that makes coaching and being coaches easy and efficient.

Marketing and Sales Materials
A content hub for your launch and ongoing marketing that we’re always adding to.

Monthly Masterminds
Join WAG President Michael Cazayoux for monthly masterminds to talk about nutrition, members, marketing and more.

Ongoing Support
Your entire team will always have access to a strong support network.

Business and Tech Support
Our dedicated team will make sure you and your clients experience is always stellar.

WAG is proud to have worked with

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