My goal was simply to learn more about how to make healthy choices regarding my nutrition. I had a lot of bad habits, and a lot of just poor information! I had reached a point where I was just not getting results, so needed to do something different. My primary goal was/is to use food as fuel, to allow performance in CrossFit, and to get me through my very busy and physical job! Leaning out and gaining muscle and fitness came as a much welcomed by-product!

I did not have a particular weight goal in mind, I wanted to learn how to make better food choices, and to fuel my body better for CrossFit and work. I've lost roughly 7 kg.


WAG has been phenomenal! This program was exactly what I needed. I am not a fan of harsh dieting, nor cutting out/severely restricting any particular foods. But tracking and accounting for what I eat has really taught me how to better plan my days, how to make better choices, and what actual appropriate portion sizes look like! My coach has been so supportive, and always has more information and resources for me when I want to learn more. The wealth and depth of knowledge within the WAG community is fantastic, the attitude of support and positivity and encouragement is wonderful.

I am so grateful I found WAG and so impressed at what I have achieved! I can't wait to see what happens next.

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